Summer safety for your pet

Summer heat can be a struggle for us as humans, but imagine our furry friends in their coats all day! Ensuring your pet is cool during the day is crucial to their health and wellbeing. Here are some tips to provide the best summer safety for your pet.

  1. Ensure they have a shady cool spot to spend their day in
  2. Make sure they always have plenty of water available (also in the shade so that it doesn’t evaporate)
  3. Never, ever, EVER leave your pet in a hot car – it can only take minutes for a pet to develop heat stroke which can end fatally
  4. Make sure your pet is up to date with flea and tick control – these parasites are at their peak in warm weather
  5. Exercise them in the early morning/late evening when the sun isn’t at its hottest
  6. Dogs can get sunburn too – talk to your vet about sunscreens and sun protection for your dog
  7. If you can’t leave the back of your hand on the pavement for longer than five seconds – it’s too hot for you dog!

These tips are so important in keeping your pet safe. Dog’s and cat’s do not sweat like humans so they rely on shade, water, panting and other tactics to keep their body temperatures regulated. If you think your pet has heat stroke they will need medical attention as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to visit your local vet or emergency centre.