Skin and Food allergies in your pet

Wandering Jew

On the Gold Coast it gets very hot during summer and we have already witnessed how hot spring can get as well! Spring is the beginning of allergies for humans and animals alike. Recently, we have been seeing a lot of patients with allergies. Food allergies and contact allergies are the most common that we see in our clinic. If your pet has food allergies the team at Vetcall Burleigh can assist you with choosing a skin diet right for your pet.

Skin allergies can come from many different sources. There are quite a few common plants on the Gold Coast that can cause allergies for our pets, without us even realising they are harmful. The plant called Moses in a cradle is quite common in our area. Have a look at the photos and check your garden for any of these plants.

If your pet has developed a rash, seems itchy, has hives or presents with any other allergy symptoms, please call our clinic to book an appointment with your veterinarian. Don’t forget, if you sign up for our Best for Pet program your pet receives unlimited consultations for the entire year.

Moses in a Cradle
Purple Heart
Turtle Vine