Nelson vs The Signet Ring

X'ray of the signet ring in Nelson

Puppies can be very curious and mischievous as we have found out this month. Our little patient Nelson who is a 5-month-old Boxer had sneaked into his parent’s room and ate a signet ring. After his owner had searched his room he then realised that Nelson may have swallowed the ring. We took some x rays of Nelson's little tummy and this is what we found. Fortunately for Nelson, he vomited the ring up the day before he was due to come in to have surgery. Some dogs can eat foreign objects due to curiosity, boredom, loneliness and hormonal issues such as an overactive adrenal glands or diabetes which can also dramatically increase a dog's appetite. 

If you suspect your dog has ingested something that could be toxic or foreign, or if your dog is constipated or vomiting, the best thing to do would be to bring your pet into the clinic. Our veterinarian will decide whether your dog needs to be induced for vomiting, admitted for hospitalisation for fluids and x-rays or have to have emergency gastrotomy surgery. If the animal has a habit of picking up certain objects or swallowing random things, the best way to prevent it is to eliminate the access to these certain items. We have had animals that have swallowed toys, palm nuts, socks, underwear, bones and the list keeps on going. If you suspect your dog is picking up things they shouldn’t, and it is mainly caused due to loneliness or boredom, try increasing the animal’s physical activity and mental stimulation. If you are having an issue with your pet doing this, please call the clinic and we will be happy to go through useful tips to prevent this from happening to your furry family members.