Meet Sherry

Last month our clinic saw a lot of dental disease cases and more often than not, they were past the point of repair and ended in multiple tooth extractions. While these patients feel a lot better after the rotten teeth were removed, the best thing that we can do for them is get them set up on a dental maintenance program at home to prevent that from happening.

Our patient Sherry comes in annually for her dental scale and polish and as she is a Best for Pet member. As a member, she received her free blood test and $250 dental discount at the same time for this procedure. Sherry’s owner is very diligent with her dental health. She has Sherry's teeth maintained with a yearly clean (just like when we go to the dentist), keeping them looking and smelling fresh.

Unfortunately, smaller breeds of dogs usually aren’t the best chewers and sometimes you can’t force them to be. We have a lot of options for maintenance in between cleans such as prescription dental diets that are designed to actually clean their teeth as they chew! There are also oral rinses, special dog toothbrushes and toothpastes (which can be difficult at the best of the times!) and also dental chews – such as Oravet, Greenies and Pigs Ears and snouts.

Overall prevention is the best thing that we can do for their health and if your dog has smelly dog’s not normal. If they won’t let you look at their teeth, you can always make a time at the clinic with one of our qualified Veterinary Nurses for a FREE dental check. We can also go through how the Best for Pet program will get your pet onto a great wellness plan for the rest of their life.