FAQs - Worms, fleas, smelly breath

This month we thought we would tackle some frequently asked questions we get oh so often and maybe help some people out if they ever wondered but never asked.

My dog is rubbing its bottom on the ground, does it have worms?

This is the common thought when you see your beloved pooch scraping its butt across your freshly cleaned carpet. There are other causes to this unsightly habit.

Worms can be a factor yes; anal glands are also a culprit. Dogs and sometimes cats need to have their anal glands manually expressed if they aren’t doing it themselves when going to the toilet. Sometimes if they get too full they can turn into an abscess which is not nice for anyone and can be quite painful. It can also be skin irritation as well. So, if you see the scooting better to book in to see the Vet.

Do I need to give flea prevention all year round? It's winter so they don’t need it right?

Flea prevention is best all year round. The Gold Coast is not cold enough in Winter for those pesky Fleas to not breed. If you don’t use prevention during Winter you will most likely come into a lot of problems come Summer and it often takes 6 months to kill the cycle once you have an infestation. Remember only 5% of fleas are actually on your pet. The rest are in the environment like your flooring, furniture, the pet beds etc.

My dog’s breath smells, that’s just normal dog breath isn’t it?

Wrong, yes dogs do eat things that us humans would never eat (ever caught your pooch in the cat litter?), but bad breath doesn’t just come from that. There are a lot of factors that can contribute but the best thing to do is check your dog’s teeth for tartar build up. This bacteria in their mouth can cause a number of health issues (imagine never brushing your teeth!). We offer free dental checks with the Nurses so if you think your pooch’s breath is not the freshest just give us a call and we can get them on the right track of oral hygiene.”