Ear infections: the importance of rechecks before stopping treatment

Ellie has been a frequent flyer with us at the clinic since mid-September due to an ear infection. Her mum noticed that her ear was very dirty and smelly.

We tested a sample that was taken from her ear and it showed lots of bacteria. Most often ear infections are fungal, so we sent away a sample to a laboratory and they did a culture and sensitivity.

The laboratory take the sample that has been sent and culture or grow it in the lab so they can see exactly what the cause of the infection is. They can then test to see what antibiotics will work best against this particular infection.

In Ellie’s case it turned out that the infection in her ear was resistant to the majority of the usual ear treatments that are used.

Ellie’s mum has been amazing with bringing Ellie in for regular ear cleans and ear checks to make sure the infection is under control and slowly getting better.

Ellie’s mum joined Best for pet so that all of her rechecks were free and she received 10% discounts on the cytology samples (microscope checks) that needed to be done to check how the infection was going.

It is important to check that the infection is gone before we stop the medications, if we don’t it could mean that the infection might return and could be resistant to that type of medication.
Ellie has been the most loving, well behaved patient throughout the entire process and we are hoping that it will be resolved soon.

She gets big cuddles from all the staff when she is here and is lucky enough to get a treat from her mum for the car ride home.